Anstruther Golf Club

Anstruther Golf Course.

The Course





Johnny Doo - 276 yards Par 4
The opening drive is a long up hill shot. The longer hitter will hope to make the brow of the hill, but most will have to settle for a position on the slope leaving a short blind second with a bunker to the right hand side of the green.





Monument - 149 yards Par 3
A well guarded green with three bunkers to the front and right and a bank of rough to the rear. Club selection is all important as over played shots will put you into the rough behind the green which is treacherous.





Chain Road - 407 yards Par 4
This hole, a slight dog leg normally plays the longest hole on the course as it is usually played against prevailing breeze. A good drive just to the left of centre opens up the green which is guarded by 5 bunkers mainly on the right.





Magazine - 292 yards Par 4
A short par 4 where a straight tee shot will pay dividends. Beware of hitting your tee shot too far and becoming blocked out by the various buildings and wall. No easy putts on this very undulating green.





Rockies - 245 yards Par 3
Voted the toughest par 3 in the UK by Today's Golfer in September 2007 this is definitely a card wrecker. From the elevated tee you must hit the ball onto the small fairway which is guarded on the right by a steep gorse and rough covered bank and on the left by the firth of forth which is out of bounds.
The more adventurous golfer can go for the green but a knowe that obscures half of the green makes this an extremely difficult and high risk shot. Best results are achieved by playing it as a par 4.





Cuniger - 128 yards Par 3
A wide but narrow elevated green with a gorse banking surrounding the back of the green requires an accurate shot with a short iron. Miss the green here and you are left with a tricky chip.





Valley - 200 yards Par 3
The seventh green is like a smaller version of the first with a 30ft hill and rough to the left and an awkward green to hit. Club selection can be difficult, therefore take one more than you think.





East Neuk - 410 yards Par 4
This hole was re-shaped and lengthened at the end of 2008 and is now the longest hole on the course. The line off the tee is the monument - accuracy from the tee will pay dividends as 5 fairway bunkers will capture a wayward tee shot. The green whilst being flat is guarded by 4 bunkers. An excellent par 4.


9th The Hynd - 238 yards Par 3
The final hole plays down hill towards the first tee and is generally down wind. This hole is not as straight forward as it seems with its length and wall behind the green being its main defences.



The course is a sand soil construction of 75% poa annoh annual meadow grass, 5% bent grass and agrostis tenuous 20% fescue sub species commutata.